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Happy Place exhibition and auction

On 9th May I held my first solo art exhibition, auctioning the pieces for the LGBTQ+ homelessness charity Stonewall Housing.

The artwork was made up of 30 tiny 'miniature worlds that people might find comfort or reassurance in. My muse was my incredible friend David Hill-Souch who was homeless and sought support from the charity, vowing when he got back on his feet he would somehow show his thanks. They made him an Ambassador and we worked together to make this event a success.

Through our auctions and raffle we raised enough for 35 homeless people to have a night of safety and travel vouchers. 

If you'd like to buy any of the remaining artworks they are available in my shop and the charity will continue to receive 70% of the money made from any sale of those items.

Photos by: Paul meyler

THANKS TO our amazing event sponsors


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