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Start-ups, sales pitches and shakes

Parkinson's effects my everyday life and makes everything harder. But I'm stubborn and I want to thrive not just survive.

In 2019 I launched a start-up business called More Human. Some said I was crazy starting a business in my 10th year with Parkinson's but I say why the heck not?


In this talk I’ll share what it's like to show up and be professional when your body is struggling to perform basic moves. I'll share positive mindset techniques, ideas for how to balance work and personal life and guides on how to bring your whole self to work. Light humour makes this talk great for any audience that needs a bit of inspiration and the fire to show up to work and give their whole self.

After the talk the floor opens to a Q&A.

Once at a desk I begin the day’s business aka mending my broken neck brace with blue tac whilst on a conference call with a potential investor about whether our go to market strategy will harness the power of network effect in a beachhead location."


45 mins



no min or max

inspiring, humorous

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