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Floors are cool(and 19 other things a dropped neck taught me)


In 2018 my neck muscles inexplicably dropped causing me to be constantly staring at my feet with the need to wear a brace all the time. 

But it didn't break me. Besides giving me an altered perspective on the world and a new appreciation for beautiful floors I've learned a lot about myself. 


In this talk I’ll share 20 things that I’ve learned from looking at the floor for the last 5 years, what it’s brought to my life and share some positivity tips to help the audience with whatever life jolts they’re going through.


Afterwards the floors open to a Q&A.

This session can be run as a webinar or talk and to any audience size. It works particularly well with less formal corporate teams, school leavers or anyone else dealing with change or in need of a bit of a boost.

Learning 8: Life doesn’t pause for you to catch up when something big happens. Time doesn’t stop for you to process/cope/heal, you have to somehow do it alongside functioning at life." 



1 hour


webinar or virtual talk

no min or max

inspiring, humorous