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Dropping the P Bomb: My adventures with Parkinson's

9 years ago I noticed a strange weak feeling in my arm. I was sent for brain scans, prodded and poked and told I had Parkinson's, a disease I had only seen in older men.

I was a 29 year old girl with things I wanted to achieve. I didn't have time to have Parkinson's.

In this talk I’ll share the story of my diagnosis, how I came to terms with it and the positives it's brought to my life.

After the talk the floor opens to a Q&A.

This session can be run as a webinar or talk and for any audience size. It would be most suitable for anyone who would like to learn about the condition in a way that is honest and realistic but ultimately positive.

And then the consultant P Bombed me, very subtly so I almost missed it. Eventually my brain caught up with what he'd just said. I had Parkinson's and nothing would ever be the same."


45 mins



no min or max

inspiring, informative

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