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Change and how I learned to love it


In 2013 I was given the unwanted gift of Parkinson's. A degenerative condition that I'd be stuck with for life.

As someone who has always hated change and deliberately dodged anything that might cause it, this diagnosis filled me with dread. Every day would be a new and unknown challenge. I needed to find a way not just to survive, but thrive.

In this talk I’ll share what it's like to have your whole world shaken up, to face difficulties in doing the simplest things and how I drew on my years of branding companies to re-brand Parkinson's and the change it brought with it.


After the talk the floor opens to a Q&A.

This session can be run as a webinar or talk and doesn't involve slides, choosing instead to bring in props to illustrate my points. This would be suitable for any audience size and the lack of slides makes it easier for people to lean in and relate.

I hated change. And now I had Parkinson's, this new partner in crime that would be with me everyday, constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and in ways that I couldn’t predict."


45 mins



no min or max

inspiring, no slides

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