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8 learnings for when life throws you a stinker


When I was diagnosed with Parkinson's things were difficult. I had this new scary thing, between one day and the next I hadn’t changed but suddenly there was a new verb attached to me. 

But I also had a whole load of new adjectives; inspiring, brave, resilient. And my clear favourite. Stubborn.

In this talk I’ll share 8 things I've learned, from life hacks to cunning observations that the audience might find useful to see their own life differently.

Afterwards the floor opens to a Q&A.

This session can be run as a webinar or talk and to any audience size.


Bad luck is indiscriminate. It’s not personal. You can’t change it. But you can change how you deal with it. And how much of a victim you let it make you feel."



30 mins



no min or max

inspiring, insightful

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